Saturday, September 26, 2009

MMMMM | Adriana

holy jesus of course my studies are on my cats. I was thinking about making my studies based on some filthy, nasty words...but i'm already doing that in Type Design. So I took

I got Miato, Kieow, and Gimey. I think the last one sounds like gimmie, so I'm taking it. Cuz I demand she gives me love when I get home.


  1. my neighbor has kittens that look like your cat, so cute! i'm plotting to steal one

  2. miato is the kitty version of will ferrell's character in zoolander.

    i hope all of your other terms mean the opposite of what we would assume. they could quite possibly be the worst things possible that a feline could do, such as:

    maul a human
    throw up mice onto your bedspread
    eat all of your own food
    defecate urrrrrrrrrywhere
    get evil eyes that take over your brain and cause you to do the kitty's evil wishes