Saturday, September 12, 2009


I finished the one above me and you know sir....I DID not like it. So I went creatively insane and spent WAAAYYY too much time on MORE MORE MORE....i call it "underrated Rover"
THe one up above is called "wristcutters deluxe". LOOKING ALL DRIPPY.

I wish I had the patience to blow this up and color inside the lines perfectly and then shrink them down again. AAAAAAWWWWW yeah, that shit would be dope son. This typeface is called "DIRTY SKY CREEPY SKY"

1 comment:

  1. nathaniel, the boss -

    i do like these, sir. i prefer wristcutters deluxe for its use of roundy rounders. the dirty sky creepy utilizes the jagged edge nicely.

    you should have them fight.

    i'll take 3 to 1 odds that wristcutters deluxe ends up with a facial scar and a hangnail. any takers?