Monday, October 5, 2009

TYPE look this is so rad

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  1. Thanks for sharing Gilbert! The words in this piece that are the most successful, and thus exciting to me, are words where the motion and the materials seem to match the meaning. In this case "time" and "ignore"

    Time written in cheese, that eventually burns, seems to add or enhance the meaning of the lyrics, rather than just presenting the word as it is sung. The passage of time, and the burning process, is integral to this definition. We see a life cycle, in a sense, where eventually the cheese goes from something tasty and melty, to something burned and inedible, to disappearing altogether.

    The same is true for the word "ignore" and how as it evaporates we begin to understand better the video-maker's interpretation of what being ignored feels like. The meaning we can read (or interpret) is that being ignored feels like disappearing or not actually being there.