Tuesday, October 6, 2009

assignment #5: typecast

Typography and language are inextricably linked. So it is not so far-fetched to ask, how can typography become a performance? How can materials, composition, space, medium, scale, repetition, etc. determine how someone interprets the words?

Choose the lyrics to your favorite song, poem or a monologue from your favorite film. Set the words, in an expressive manner that acts as a "script" or "visual score" for the performance. Be as poetic or literal as you like, but keep the following in mind:

1. You can only use the words from the lyrics or monologue. This means no stage directions. Let the words SHOW how they are meant to be performed. Having said that, if your piece is a projection or 3D, you may want to give the performer instructions on how to INTERACT with the piece, but again, no instructions on how to READ it.

2. Think about what the words mean to you. How can you get the performer to express that meaning?

3. The piece will not only be a guide for the performance, it must be an object that enhances it. What form will your "script" take? What size is it? Can it be held? Is it folded? Is it 3D? Is it a projection?

DUE NEXT WEEK: a draft of your script/score. You will choose a classmate, and ask them to perform your piece. Pay attention to how s/he performs. Does it match your intention? REVISE.

DUE IN TWO WEEKS: Your final "script." We will deliver everyone's work to a guest artist. He will spend one week getting to know your piece before he stages your typographic compositions in class.

WEEK THREE: Performance day!

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